The Bloodhaven Series

If you like your paranormal romance full of sexy shifters with a dose of suspense, this series is right up your alley. Each book can be read as a standalone.

Bloodhaven #1: Eye of the Storm by Lynn Graeme #1: Eye of the Storm

Bloodhaven is a city rife with tensions between humans and shifters, and wolf-shifter Grayson Moran has just made himself a walking target. When a human woman comes forward claiming to have made a disturbing discovery, both suspicion and protective instincts battle for dominance, even as he can’t deny she makes him burn with other feelings he’d long thought dormant and broken.

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Bloodhaven #2: In the Crossfire by Lynn Graeme#2: In the Crossfire

As Bloodhaven’s top Council agent, Isobel Saba is used to eliminating threats and masking emotions. When an enemy comes gunning for her, however, she finds unexpected help in a reclusive wolf-shifter with his own demons to contend with.

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Bloodhaven #2.5: Only Yours by Lynn Graeme #2.5: Only Yours

One careless mistake. Now disgraced Council agent Jamal Mousenn is left to face the devastating consequences. His only hope for returning to active duty and the life he once knew lies in an experimental procedure–and in a human woman who presents too much temptation for his peace of mind. But this shifter won’t give in easily. His only choice is to fight against the attraction . . . or succumb.

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