Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Works in progress:

  • Sci-fi romance:
    • Untitled secret project (shh)
  • Paranormal romantic suspense:
  • Contemporary romance:
    • Kane Brothers #1
Coming Soon

What does “Coming Soon” mean?

Well, besides the usual saucy puns….

The books listed here are stories I’m currently working on. Sometimes a story branches out from a separate one I’m working on and if that’s the case, then it gets added to the above list. That may be obvious from the onset, or it can take a while to percolate and for me to realize it needs its own book. Yes, it’s happened. On the other hand, sometimes a story will get subsumed and incorporated into another tale, and consequently be removed from the list. That has happened too. I can only promise I am working on a book at any given time, whether its title shows up in the above list or not.

As for release dates, I typically announce it once I hit the home stretch. Prior to that, I may give a rough estimate–“fall/winter 2014,” for instance, or “late Nov/early Dec.” The reason I don’t fix a firm release date until a few weeks in advance is I want to deliver the best book I possibly can to you. If I find a book I’m working on requires drastic revisions, or if the editing process happens to go surprisingly smooth, that will affect how soon it comes out.

Mind you, I usually do have a release date set in my head. I just feel guilty stating it out loud, hence the rough estimates mentioned.

The good news is, you don’t have to wait out a six-month lag after I finish writing a book for its release. When I’m done with it, I’m done! And you get it that much sooner.

If you’d like to stay in the loop and be informed each time one of my books come out, you can join my newsletter, or else follow me via any of the usual suspects. In the meantime, thanks so much for reading my books!

Coming Soon