Only Yours

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The Bloodhaven Series
1. Eye of the Storm | 2. In the Crossfire | 2.5. Only Yours

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Bloodhaven #2.5: Only Yours by Lynn Graeme December 2014
eISBN: 9781310176883
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About the book

A wounded warrior meets his match. . . .

One careless mistake. Now disgraced Council agent Jamal Mousenn is left to face the devastating consequences. His only hope for returning to active duty and the life he once knew lies in an experimental procedure–and in a human woman who presents too much temptation for his peace of mind. But this shifter won’t give in easily. His only choice is to fight against the attraction . . . or succumb.

Note: This novella picks up from events in In the Crossfire but can be read as a standalone.

Only Yours


Jamal leaned close and used his teeth on her lower lip. She moaned. “What game are you playing, Terris?”

“It’s . . . it’s not a game. Jamal, please. . . .”

She was wet with need. Any shifter venturing into the hallway would immediately scent her arousal. Her arousal for him, Jamal thought with cruel satisfaction.


Terris was still grappling for air. Jamal didn’t feel particularly merciful, however. He moved his left hand underneath her dress and brushed his thumb along the swollen lips guarding her entrance.

She gasped. “Jamal.

“Yes. Say it again.” He licked her lips, savoring the taste of her. He started to work her panties aside. His right hand cupped her rear and held her steady, tilting her up while kneading her soft, supple flesh.

A small part of him was terrified that his new hand would fail him now—would somehow snap off, or clench too tight, or hurt Terris. But no, the makers had achieved their goal. Full sensation indeed. He could feel every delicious, trembling inch of his woman.

His mate.

Fuck. The realization shook Jamal to the core. Confused him. Angered him. She had no right to devastate him that way.

He took out his frustrations on her, scoring his teeth over the too-sensitive curve of her neck.

“Say it,” he repeated, the demand an almost unintelligible snarl. “Say my name.”

She sobbed. “Jamal.

“Good girl,” he purred, and thrust two fingers into her.

End excerpt

Only Yours is part of the Bloodhaven series.

Only Yours