Behind the scenes: Prosthetics vids & tidbits re: Only Yours

Found this vid and my heart, guys. My HEART. Derby the dog runs with the help of 3D printing:

This reminds me of when I was doing research for Jamal’s story in Only Yours — it’s amazing the stories and details I found. Even though the setting of my Bloodhaven series involves technology that’s just slightly advanced compared to where we are now, the truth is current prosthetics technology really isn’t that far from fiction. For instance, watch Hugh Herr’s TED talk (most known for the one in which the Boston marathon ballerina danced in public for the first time):

Or Google gait-adaptive prostheses. And now 3D printing!

Something else that was really helpful research (because hey, have to get both human and animal POVs for a shifter series): Supervet, a UK TV series following a real-life “Bionic Vet” who provides cutting-edge solutions and surgery in order to get pets walking again. Some of the technology and remedies he comes up with are really amazing, and applicable/transferrable to humans as well. And the parts that aren’t transferrable yet, well, why aren’t they, and why not soon? It’s a terrific show.

I had to really cut a lot of things out and tone down the details so that the book didn’t get too “techy,” but yeah, let’s just say Only Yours was fun to write if only for the research alone.